One can create private repositories for clients for free

CIFKM makes this possible. The applicable concepts are the following:

  • The repository is a CIFKM element that is created with a specific template configured for this purpose, that is already available in the CIFKM standard version.
  • The client, as an external user will have immediate and direct access to the repository by means of his/her Web-browser (navigator), and will only have to identify him/herself (name and password) in the company Web site that provides the service. For this, the client will be assigned the consultation and download of files roles from among the repository roles.
  • The internal users responsable for the client´s account will administrate the repository. For this, they will have been assigned the administrate the private repository of the client role.
  • The repository of the client will be linked to his contact window, so that it is visible from it by the persons in charge of their account.

If the client is already registered in a contact window, he/she may be converted along with his/her data from it  to an “external user”.  A private or shared repository may be automatically created for him/her. Thus, one will avoid having to re-key what is already in the contact window. (see specific post that deals with this)

It is worth noting that the external user licenses are free, so anyone can adopt this CIFKM solution freely.

What does it solve? 

  • It allows one to increase client loyalty by means of a higher quality service.
  • It allows one to beat the competitors that do not offer this service.

In the backoffice of companies, the employees normally use desktops or laptops, in which is installed the CIFKM client program (with the corresponding internal user license) to be able to use most of the application´s functionalities. However, other employees that carry out sales activities, maintenance,… outside of the company, and that are in contact with the company by means of smartphones or tablets may be registered as external users (whose license is free) to consult the documentation of the files repositories that may be available to them with a Web-browser or an Android app. or Apple devices.

Sometimes, it will be of interest to make the personal and shared information available to clients. These will also be registered as external users, and may consult and download the documentation using a Web-browser. This will be a good service to the client and a means of cultivating his loyalty towards the company.

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