Access permissions and faculties over “Data Smart Boxes”, their templates, and user groups.

One of the main issues is the assignment of faculties and rights to the “Data Smart Boxes”, templates and groups of users.

Each”Data Smart Box”, template, or user group has a section (or tab) for the assignment of roles to user groups. In each role, is established a set of faculties and access privileges over the corresponding “Smart Box”, template or user group.

There are specific roles for “Data Smart Boxes”, for templates, and for the user groups, that the CIFKM administrators should have created previously.

One of the singularities of user groups is that they have two sections for the assignment of roles to users or groups of users. The set of roles is the same in both sections, but one is for members of the group, and the other is for non-members. These last are users or groups that must have faculties over the group or over the “Smart Boxes”in which the group has been inserted, for example, to include the group in a new “Smart Box”.

The difference doesn’t hinge on group roles been assigned to members and non-members, but to the fact that to be a member of a user group means implicitly be a member of other user groups in which the first one is included (groups nested in other groups).

What does it solve?
  • It ensures privacy over the matters of the company. Only the persons with faculties over an “Smart Box” will have access to it and its content. The rest of the users will not see that “Smart Box”.
  • Each user will only see “Smart Boxes” he may need accordingly to his position and responsabilities in the company.

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