Templates to create “Data Smart Boxes”

The templates allow the users to create “Data Smart Boxes”, for example, elements for every matter, for every contact, for repositories of information, for phases of a process, etc. Each one must be designed with the components, functions and scripting codes that are appropriate for the purpose for which it is intended.

In each template, are indicated the specific user groups that may access it, and that may use it (each group of users included has assigned template roles). Thus, a set of templates is assigned to a group or specific area of the company. The remaining users for whom they are not available, will not view them.

Each user will be able to use the templates that are available to him to create new “Data Smart Boxes”.

Apart from the possible scripting codes that one may incorporate in the templates so that “Data Smart Boxes” created with them will have automated behaviours, the standard components of the templates relative to the “Smart Boxes” to be created with them are the following:

  • User groups with access and powers over the “Smart Boxes created with the template
  • Attributes of the corresponding “Smart Box”
  • Sections for files, links, notes, notifications, states, etc.
  • Files (instructions manuals, documents, etc.) that must be displayed in the “Smart box” created with the template.
  • Links to other “Data Smart Boxes”.
  • Notifications and automatic warnings of the (non)occurence of events.
What do they solve?

“Smart Box” templates are the key tools for user to create “Data Smart Boxes”

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