Create new external users and their private repository directly from a contact tab.

Frequently, after having created the window of a CIFKM contact, the person or company registered as a contact, will be converted to a recurrent client. We would then like to register him/her in the system as an external user to associate a private repository of files to him/her where he may find his/her documentation.

Thus, such an external user may enter his/her private repository directly by means of a Web-browser (navigator), only registering his/her name and password in the company Web site that offers the service.

CIFKM makes this possible. The procedure is assisted and automated to avoid having to type from the contact tab created for the client, to avoid having to retype what is already in this contact window.

The steps are the following:

  • Create the contact window of the client.
  • Click on the “External user” button of the contact window and follow the instructions. The initial name and passwsord assigned to the new external user may be modified later by the client.
  • Assign the internal users or groups of users in charge of the client´s account to the repository as a CIFKM element to be able to administrate it.

Then, automatically,

  • The repository will be created.
  • The client, as an external user, will have immediate and direct access to the repository.  For this, the client will have been assigned the consultation and file download roles from among the repository roles.
  • The internal users responsable for the client account will administrate the repository. For this, they will have been assigned the administrate the client´s private repository role.
  • The client´s repository will be linked with his contact window so that it is visible from it by the persons in charge of the account.

It is worth noting that the external user licenses are free, so anyone may adopt this CIFKM solution freely.

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