Links among “Data Smart Boxes”

Links can be established between “Smart Boxes” without limit, that may be viewed from the tabs of any of them. However, if a user only has permissions over one of the elements, he won´t be able to see the link.

This functionality may be placed in any “Smart Box” template in visible boxes, or either occult in a section uder a tab, etc. and for its versatility, well used, it gives the users a great deal of leeway.

The spaces for the links in a tab may be dedicated to one or several types of “Data Smart Boxes” differentiated by their templates.

Let us introduce some examples of the use of links:

  • The contact tab of a person may be linked with the contact tab of his company (or the center or area where he renders his servicces).
  • The tab of a contact (client, provider, etc.) may be linked to “Smart Boxes”.
  • Different phases of a process are linked amongst themselves and with its master tab.

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