The alert pop-up window

Notices that have an alert date and that have passed it are shown in the “alert pop-up window”. This window appears on the screen automatically with the configured frequency, for example every 5 minutes, but only when there is somenotice that has passed its alert date. If there aren´t any, the window doesn´t appear.

The alert date of the notices may be a specific date, or a relative date with respect to the present moment or the date of the “event” of the notice. For example, if the notice refers to a meeting that is the date of the “event”, apart from being able to mark it so that it appears in the calendar, we may like it to be displayed as a prior alert.

Each user manages the alerts of the notices he receives (he may remove or postpone the alert and discard the notice).

What does it solve?

The alerts and the alert pop-up window are necessary complements to the system of notices, notes and notifications.

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