CIFKM’s floating icon in the foreground of the screen

The floating icon is a miniature with the CIFKM logo that appears on the desktop of the PC when one opens CIFKM and it is always located center stage, in front of any other window.

It takes up little RAM memory and it incorporates a ticket with the user´s identity, it keeps the alerts system active, and it allows the user to rapidly access the principal menu of CIFKM functionalities that he/she has assigned, pressing over the arrow, or clicking with the right  mouse button.

The CIFKM application is a set of Web services located in either a local server, or in a physical server with internet access, or in a virtual server in the cloud. Each time the user uses a service he/she identifies him/herself in it with the ticket of the floating icon and he/she thus doesn´t have to identify him/herself with his/her credentials, which takes several seconds.

If at any time, due to a conflict with another window that is also center stage, we lose sight of it, then we must “click” on the small CIFKM icon located in the task bar. Thus, the floating icon will relocate to center stage of the PC desktop, appearing with three “flashes” so that we may see it.

When”drag and dropping” files or folders over the floating icon from the PC, these files will be uploaded to My files warehouse (???????) and the floating icon (???????????) when the transference ends.

The files thus uploaded being located in My files warehouse, the user may create with them a new CIFKM element with the appropriate template, or drag and drop them in the files section of the existing elements.

 What does it solve?

The floating icon has been adopted as a practical and comfortable solution to access the services of the CIFKM application and maintain its system of alerts active. It prevents the user from having to identify him/herself each time he/she uses a CIFKM service since it maintains a ticket that identifies him/herself.

The user normally enters the application and drags the floating icon to a corner of the screen for when he/she needs to request any CIFKM service, or upload any file.

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