The user calendar. Synchronization with Google Calendar.

In the calendar, one can only view the warnings that have been marked so that they can be shown in it, whether or not they have been created by the actual user, or others with him/her as the recipient of the warning.

Apart from all the operative typically used in a digital calendar, the CIFKM calendar has the following special characteristics:

  • Synchronization with Google Calendar.

If the server where the application has been installed has Internet access, the CIFKM calendar of each user is SYNCHRONIZED automatically in both directions with his/her account in GOOGLE CALENDAR. For this, the user must have registered a personal account in Google Calendar and have entered his/her keys in his/her personal CIFKM window.

This synchronization allows each user each user to access and modify his/her warnings in the CIFKM calendar from any mobile device from which one may view and administrate the Google calendar, ie from ANY mobile device.

  • Give other users access to my calendar.

By means of the “View” button of the upper bar of the calendar, one accesses, among other functionalities, the configuration of authorizations to other users.  Thus one may determine who may access, and whether they may access all or only certain types of warnings. For example, one may authorize a secretary or other collaborators.

 What does it solve?

 The CIFKM calendar is a necessary complement to the CIFKM system of warnings.

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