Distinguishing features of CIFKM


Based on long experience CIFKM has designed a system whose main operating features are:


  • It allows the users to create multiple Data Smart Boxes for structured information (“Smart Boxes”) to save and share files, folders, dossiers, and information on the development and tracking of matters of the company, which facilitates sharing, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Each “Smart Box” is a small application that contains a set of functionalities that have been defined in its corresponding template
  • Each template is constructed in a panel to which have been incorporated and in which have been positioned the requisite functionalities according to the purpose of each type of “Smart Box”.
  • It allows one to create workflows with the “Smart boxes”.
  • It allows one to create multiple work environments (sets of “Smart Box” templates) for different groups of users
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pADLOCKSBesides the general encryption in CIFKM of all the files in its servers, which is necessary to avoid backdoor leaks, a special and very robust encryption of any file may be performed by users who have been assigned the faculty to encrypt.

This encryption is very robust and secure. In any Organization specially confidential files are always managed, and so this capacity is extremely valuable.

With the encryption of files one achieves:

  • That a user may have in CIFKM files that only he/she may decrypt..
  • That a group of persons may collaborate with the certainty that only they may decrypt the files that they use and are made available to them.
  • That two or more persons may correspond via emails, reminders and CIFKM notes, with hyperlinks to confidential files thus encrypted, with the greatest security that only they, and no other person, may view them, even though this other person may access their email folders.
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Untitled Drawing 5 In addition to working by accessing the server directly, using either a “client program” or a Web-browser, users can also work locally using a local folder named “CIFKM Sync”, with or without a connection to the CIFKM server.

In this folder each user may place and maintain multiple SMART BOXES, with parts of their content in folders and files, constantly synchronized by Internet with their counterparts in the CIFKM server.

When connected to Internet synchronization is carried out automatically. Otherwise, it will resume, without one having to do anything, as soon as one has again connection to the server.

How does users work in CIFKM?

How does users work in CIFKM?

Thus, all that is added or modified either in the local desktop or in the CIFKM server, will replicate bidirectionally between them. One should mention that CIFKM saves a “history” of “Smart Boxes” and files in the server, so should any “Smart Box” or file be unintentionally eliminated it may always be recovered.

Besides, it also has “check-in-check-out” functionalities that allow any user to apply check-in on a file and work on it without others being able to edit it or view changes until he applies “check-out” on it.

In other storage systems in the cloud, behind the scenes, there is only a simple BOX to keep a replica of the files and folders the user has in his workstation. These systems of back-up are effective but only for one user or for a small groups of users.

The big difference with CIFKM is that behind the “CIFKM Sync” folder there aren’t simple boxes, but “Smart Boxes” of the Content Management System of the Company, created by the users; each “Smart Box” with its own design, functionalities and rules.



Sending dossiers

Email is the basic tool for collaboration, but it has limitations as far as the number and size of files that one can attach to a single email.

This limitation disappears if what one sends are hyperlinks to “Smart Boxes”, or to some of its folders and files, maintaining the same tree-structure of folders.

Hyperlinks provide access to anyone through a Web browser to a copy of a shared content of a “Smart Box” with the same tree-structure of folders and files. If the recipient of the hyperlink is, moreover, an authorized user over the “Smart Box” he also can access it directly from the same Web-browser view with his password.

(See screenshot… Sharing files and folders from a “Smart Box” by emailing hyperlinks)

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In CIFKM one can distribute the workload among multiple servers bidirectionally synchronized by Internet. Thus users may access any of them, also via Internet or a local network, either with the CIFKM client program, a Web-browser, or CIFKM Sync folder.

It is particularly suitable for companies with multiple establishments that can be locally serviced by a server synchronized online with another “master server“.

The advantages of these architectures of distributed servers synchronized by Internet are:

  • Scalability of CIFKM
  • Faster response
  • Greater security and reliability
  • Reduced cost
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