Copy and paste, drag and drop (CP/DD), and the context menus of the mouse right clic button

Copy and paste, and drag and drop (CP/DD), are functionalities that are widely extended throughout CIFKM.


  • CP/DD allows one to upload and download files from the work station to CIFKM and viceversa.
  • CP/DD files from a “Data Smart Box” to another one replicates the files in this last one.
  • CP/DD files from a “Data Smart Box” over the space for editable text of a Word document or an email, will create a hyperlink showing the URL path that leads to the file in the “Smart Box”. However, to access the file, the user must have permission on it.


  • In the files section of a “Data Smart Box” the files are organized in folders and subfolders.
  • If one CP/DD a folder from the work station to the file section of a “Smart Box”, this will upload its content under the same structure of folders.
  • To download a folder with all its contents from the file section of a “Smart Box” to the work station one has to select the function “save on the disk” of the menu of the mouse right right clic button, having placed the mouse pointer over the folder.
  • The drag and drop function allows one to reorganize the files, folders and subfolders within the same “Smart Box”.

CP/DD “Data Smart Boxes” in another one or in an editable text space.

One not only may CP/DD files, but also “Data Smart Boxes” as a whole.

  • If the “Smart Box” is dropped in the links section of another “Smart Box”, both elements will be linked in such a way that one may access either one of them from the other (only the users with faculties to access both elements will see the link)
  • If the “Smart Box” is dropped in CIFKM desktop, a link to it will be created there.
  • If the “Smart Box” is dropped in the editable text space of a document or of an email, the URL address (hyperlink) will be copied, which will allow one to access the “Smart Box”, but for the user to access, he must accredit himself with his credentials and he will only be able to access the “Smart Box” if he is allowed to do so.

Drag and drop files and folders from the work station over the Floating Icon

The files or the folders that have been dragged, will be automatically uploaded to “My pending documents” section. From there, the user may, either select a template to publish the file (or folder) creating a new “Data Smart Box”, or drag it to add it to an existing one over which the user has the publication faculty.

Context menus of the mouse right clic button

Placing the mouse pointer anywhere on CIFKM, either over a content or over an empty space, and pressing the mouse right clic button a context menu will be displayed that contains the appropriate functions so that one may act.

What does it solve?

These functionalities make CIFKM easier to use.

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