Contacts and groups of contacts

One of the CIFKM element templates that has been configured in the standard version is to create contact windows.

The contacts are information that belongs to the organization, and not to the users. In the standard version,  we have configured a template to create CIFKM elements that are appropriate to register contacts, taking advantage of the versatility and the functionalities of the CIFKM elements. Apart from the usual information that one expects from  a contact window, it contains more attributes and functionalities.

  • By means of the attribute “telephone”, one may call directly via Skype with one click or connect to a digital voiceIP switchboard.
  • By means of the email attribute, one may send directly via the email client that the user has installed by default.
  • Allows one to capture the geographic coordinates of the address of the contact, and display them on Google Maps.
  • Allows one to use the contact as a reference link to classify other CIFKM elements, for example, those that refer to the matters related to the contact.
  • In a links section, this allows one to display the matters related to the contact.
  • Allows one to bidirectionally link the persons with their respective companies and/or centers.
  • Allows for (since it is a CIFKM element) the administration of  the access and modification permissions of the window of each contact, so that only authorized persons may access it, i.e. those belonging to the user groups associated with the contact window. Thus, every contact will be available only to the groups of persons who must access it.
  • Create groups of contacts at one´s convenience, not only to send the same email to all of them, but also to combine data from each contact (preselected) with a Word template to send, for example, customized communications to each one of them over a base template by email.
  • Create, using a contact window as a base, an external user to make an information repository  available to him, for example, for each client.
  • Create (under construction) in the window of each contact, a QR code that contains his/her information so that it may be read from the camara of a smartphone. This will allow, for example, the contact´s address to be positioned in the map or in a GPS.

What do they solve?

The contact windows are an example of the versatility of the CIFKM elements, which may be adapted to diverse needs.

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