With CIFKM contents are available to the persons who need them

Disponibilidad Information and content of each “Smart Box” is made available to the persons (groups of users) who need it which may be set up initially in the corresponding “Smart Box” template.

Every person in the company, wherever he carries out his duties, should always have all the information he needs at his disposal to avoid wasting time in searches, asking other people, or reinventing it. CIFKM is a clear solution to this need.

Android and Apple smartphones and tablets allow convenient access to CIFKM to employees performing commercial or maintenance activities outside the company.

For these cases, in the standard version of CIFKM there is configured a simple “Smart Box” template named “File Repository“, to which access can be direct without going through search engines.

CIFKM also allows one to make available to customers either their personal documents, or documents shared with others, using the aforementioned “file repositories”.

These employees or customers that are only going to consult documentation may be registered as “external users” whose licenses are free.

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