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Internal users

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Internal users

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Internal users are those who have been created and assigned an internal user license. These users will access the application from their workstation by means of a client program with all the functionalities, and also with a Web-browser to search, view and download files.

The client program for the internal users is downloaded with a Web-browser in “Download CIFKM application for theworkstation from the Web page of the application (which has already been installed in the server), and is installed in each workstation that is to be used by an internal user. The client program allows one to access the application with all its functionalities.

With the registration of the application in CIF carried out at the end of the installation process, 4 users are created to whom 4 free initial internal user licenses are assigned. The 4 initial users are called: Administrator (who has been assigned the personal role of administrator of the system), user1, user2, and user3. The administrator can, after accessing the windows of these four initial users in the “Administration/User administration” option of the floating icon menu, modify their names, data and passwords, so that they correspond to real users.

Afterwards, If required, one can purchase more internal user licenses accessing the store (http://store.cif.es) from the floating icon menu of the application where, if one accesses from the registered application, one will enter directly with the account with which this was registered (need to increase the number of internal user licenses) .

The internal user licenses purchased with the application account will be added automatically to it, increasing the number that one had before. The newly acquired ones will be available in the application to be assigned to new internal users that are created in it.

External users (access only by Web navigator)

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These users have access from the application Web page by means of their navigator and only to view and download files. They are the users that have been created in the application and who have been assigned an external user license (only Web). These licenses are offered at no charge and unlimited in number.

The administrator manages the external users similarly to the internal users, i.e. they can form parts of user groups and this way the appropriate confidential information can be made available to each of them .

An example of the use of the external user figure is the following: suppose we consider a law firm, consultancy, audit company, etc. that manages client documentation (tax returns, reports, etc.). With the aim of cultivating the loyalty of its customers, this company would like to make a repository with their information freely available to each of them, so that they don´t have to be concerened about it, because they know that they will always be able to download it from this repository.

The operational procedure is as follows:

    1. One creates a contact for each client (“contact” CIFKM Smart Box).
    2. One converts the client to an external user, assigning him a password that he may change.
    3. When the client has been converted to an external user, the “private group” will automatically have been created for this user. In this group one will also be able to include the internal users that must tutor the corresponding client account with faculties to modify the group (include/exclude users). Furthermore, if the client (external user) were a company, they could create the company contacts and include them in the private group of the company.
    4. One creates a CIFKM Smart Box (with Documentation template) with the name of the client (company or individual) in which the “private group” of the client (see above) will be included in the “permissions “ section, with faculties to modify. In this “documentation” Smart Box, the reports and documentation of the client will be uploaded; this will be the repository of information.
    5. The documentation Smart Box will be linked to the contact window of the client.
    6. One creates in the company Web page, a “clients” area, with a direct entry point to the repository thus created (without passing through intermediate pages with search engines), so that the client may identify himself there (may enter his name and the password used for his identification purposes in CIFKM).

Anonymous users (public access only by Web navigator).

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Any person who has not been created in the application, and thus, doesn´t have an external user license, may access with a Web-browser from the application Web-page, with the name and password fields empty, to consult and download the files that may be for public access in general.

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