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() General view of CIFKM

() User credentials

() Administration of the entry of new users

() Templates available to each user

() Synchronization with remote servers in the cloud

Each user has a window where his data appear, to which only he has access, by means of the floating icon. The administrators who in their user role have this faculty included may also access his (user) window.

The user, in his personal window, may modify his personal data, and his own CIFKM access credentials, that are hidden from everyone else, though not from the administrators who have this faculty in their user role.

The administrators may access the windows of other users and modify them, discharge them, modify the user roles, and include or exclude the user in groups of users, except for the private ones.

In the figure, the user has the CIFKM administrator role assigned, so that he may perform these actions for himself and also for other users.

  1. More options. In the figure is shown the window of a user who has the CIFKM administrator faculty.
  2. Modify access credentials. Each user receives an initial credential that he may be sent by email. Later, the user may modify it at his conveneience adding digital certificates and/or names and passwords. In the figure is displayed the user credential configuration box.
  3. Administrate groups. Allows one to add or exclude user groups, except for the private
  4. Add password for file encryption
  1. Synchronization of the CIFKM calendar with the Google calendar

The user may enter here his personal account in Google calendar, which is the one CIFKM will use for the bidirectional synchronization of his calendar. Thus, the user will be able to view and administrate the CIFKM calendar from ipad, iphone, blackberry, smartphone mobile device, etc.

6. New credential.

This button allows the user to add new CIFKM access credentials

7. Change/Delete.

Button so that the user may change or eliminate his current credentials

8. List of user roles.

This section of the window is only displayed in edition mode for the users who have the CIFKM administrator role.

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