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() General view of CIFKM

() Administration of menus

() Copy and paste/ Drag and drop

() What are the “Smart Box”?

() My pending documents

() Files section of a “Smart Box”

The floating icon is located in the PC desktop, noramally front stage, in front of any other window.

If at any time, due to a conflict with any other window that may also be configured for front stage, we lose sight of it, then we have to “click” on the small CIFKM icon located on the task bar; this way the floating icon will relocate to front stage of the PC, blinking so that we may see it.

What is it good for?

It allows the user to access the principal functionalities menu of CIFKM that he has been assigned, pressing over the arrow of the floating icon, or either clicking with the right mouse button.

In the figure is displayed a type of menu of an ordinary user and a type of menu of a CIFKM administrator. The CIFKM administrator may configure divers types of floating icon menus (see Administration of menus) and assign each one of them to a different user.

In the figure are shown, as examples, two types of menus.

When “drag and dropping” files or folders over the floating icon of the PC, these files will be uploaded to My pending documents and the floating icon will blink until the transfer is completed.

With the uploaded files located in My pending documents, the user may create a new Smart Box with the appropriate template, or drag and drop them in the files section of a Smart Box.


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