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The “recent smartbox” window displays a list of the last Smart Boxthat the user has created, modified or simply viewed. This is a personal window of the user and the number of elements to be displayed in it is fixed/set by the actual user. One accesses this window from the floating icon menu.

  1. Filter box. One selects a “smartbox” template and only the elements that have been created with this template will be shown.
  2. Menu of the right mouse button. The “copy” option allows one to then paste a hyperlink in any other window of the CIFKM links, in any folder of the Windows operating system, in either the CIFKM or Windows desktop, or in a Word document, email, or similar.
  3. Number of elements to be shown. The user may modify this number at his convenience. If he does this he will be shown an “apply” button that he must press to complete the action.

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