Rapid user and group search engine

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A rapid CIFKM user search engine is displayed in all the CIFKM windows, in the spaces in the forms in which one must add users and/or groups of users. Thus, for example, in forms to assign access permissions to templates, to CIFKM elements, to add recipients to the notices, to use as filters in the searches etc…

1. Initial filter of the search. Serves to indicate what it is that we need to search: (1) only groups, (2) search all the groups to which a specific user belongs, and (3) only users.

2. Text to filter the search. Filter by partial or complete matching. Displays the complete list, filtered only by the selection of point 1.

3. Search filtered by the text entered (point 2) and by the selection point 1.

4. Opens a window to enable the combination of a greater number of filter conditions.

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