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The PERMISSIONS section is in Part C of the smart box form of type MATTER


The PERMISSIONS section of the smart box displays the groups of users (singleperson or not) that have access to and faculties over the smart box. For this, groups of users are included and the “smart box” roles that correspond to each of them, are marked.

The users that have “total control” marked as the smart box role, in the smart box may include and exclude other user groups in the permissions section.

The CIFKM smartbox will be visible to those users or members of user groups, that are included in the permissions section with a smartbox role marked. This way, one can manage the CONFIDENTIALITY, only authorized users have access to the smart box“.

In the “smartbox” template, there may be configured the groups of users and the smart box” roles that will be included in the permissions section of the smart box created with it. The smart box” template may also have certain intelligence (by means of scripting code) so that, as a function of some attribute the permissions are assigned automatically to specific groups of users.

In the figure there are 3 types of smart box” roles: (1) all permissions, (2) view content and (3) view/modify content.

1.View. Allows one to access the corresponding group of users (singleperson or not).

2. Assignment of “smartbox” roles.

  • In the smartbox template in fixed or open form.
  • By a user who has faculties for this (smartbox role) in the permissions that have been marked in the permissions section of the smartbox.
  • Depending on the value of an attribute, when certain intelligence may have been incorporated to the template by means of scripts of code.

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