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The NOTES section is in Part C of the smart box form of a Document or MATTER

Part C- NOTES Section

The NOTES section of the smart box allows the users, for example, those who collaborate on a MATTER and have access to the smart box, to send each other notes associated to the NOTICES, these are “post-it” type notes along with attached files from the files section of the smart box .

The notes may have replies. The threads of notes and replies are displayed in the NOTES section in indented form (see figure).

The notices with the NOTE, if they have an alert date marked, will be displayed in the alert pop-up window of each recipient of the NOTICE.

1. Reply button. Each reply appears below the note, indented

2. Attached files. The note may have attached files from the files section of the smart box.

3. Consult recipients. Allows one to see the users to whom the note has been addressed.

4. Send note toThe note together with its attached file(s) may be sent to the users included here.

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