My pending documents

Contents related to the help

() General view of CIFKM

() What are “smart box”?

() Creating a new “smart box”

() Types of “smart box” in the standard version

() CIFKM floating icon

() Templates available to each user

This is a personal window of the user which he accesses from the menu of the Floating icon.

In My pending documents, are displayed those files that the user has uploaded to CIFKM by means of “drag and drop” over the floating icon, from anywhere in the PC operating system. These files are not visible to other users, they will only be so when they are published in some “smartbox” over which they have permissions.

It may be thought of as a simple transit location for the files (documents pending publication) before being published in “smartbox”

From there one may:

  • Download the files with the option of the right mouse button.
  • “Drag and drop” files over the files section of any CIFKM element that has already been created or is being created.
  • Create a new “smartbox” with the button that is displayed in the figure to publish it and make it available to other users.

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