With CIFKM operation is more orderly and efficient


brujula 1Company employees work, interact and collaborate on multiple matters. For each matter, a CIFKM “Smart Box” is created, suited to the characteristics of the matter.

The “Smart Boxes” are created using various types of templates, in which all or only the essential elements of the smartbox may have been predefined.

For example, the following may be set up in the template: (i) the types of attributes which will serve to classify or to indicate the status of implementation of a “Smart Box” related process; (ii) the types of links to elements to be completed by the user; (iii) “user groups” that may access the “Smart Boxes” for simple viewing or for acting upon its contents; (iv) notifications to be sent with hyperlinks to the “smart Boxes”, etc.

A “Smart Box” type can be as simple as a mere container of files, or it could be more complex, even incorporating associated scripting code so as to perform automatic behaviors or to execute phases of a workflow.

In the “Smart Boxes”, notices can be generated with or without associated emails, as well as alerts and alarms, to even indicate inactivity over a predefined period of time. The notices can refer to the entire “Smart Box”, or specific content thereof, such as a file or a phase of a workflow. The messages are displayed in a popup window and / or in the user’s calendar when the notice is a reminder he has for a certain date. They may also be sent by email.

In the “Smart Boxes” one can record the actions of each person, as well as times, resources and expenses devoted to the matter.

Each organization has its own needs and CIFKM provides an easy and effective way to solve them.

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