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The LINKS section is in Part C of the form of the type of smart box” : CONTACT and MATTER

In the “smart box” templates several of these sections may have been incorporated each one dedicated to linking a different type of smart box.

If a user doesn´t have permission to view a certain smart boxhe won´t be able to view it in the links section of those other smart boxwhich he may be able to access and which are linked to it.

Part C – LINKS section

The LINKS section of the smart box allows users to create links to other smart box of any type, whether or not they are marked as references.

To create a link we copy and paste or drag and drop the smart box that is visible to us in any window or list, to the links section of the other “smartbox”. The link to the smart box is created where one drops or pastes. The link thus created is bidirectional and may be viewed in either of the two smart box.

The LINKS may be established:

  • In the “smartbox” template, either in closed form (the users won´t be able to add or remove) or open form (the users that use the smart box may add and modify links to other smart box“).
  • By a user who has faculties to do so (element role) in the permissions that have been marked in the permissions section of the smart box.
  • Depending on the value of an attribute, when certain intelligence may have been incorporated in the smart boxtemplate by means of scripting code. For example, the value of an attribute that determines the type of matter may establish the link to other smart box“.

In the links section of a smart box, the users may only view the links to those other linked smart box in which they have access permissions. Otherwise the link will not exist for them.

1.View. Allows one to access the linked smart box.

2.Copy and paste. From this section, one may copy and paste a link to a selected smart box“; it may be copied wherever desired (other element (link) or in a text, email (Hyperlinks).

These operations may also be performed by drag and dropping with the left mouse button.

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