Initial Smart Box template configurations in the standard version

CIFKM standard self-installing version is free up to 4 internal users for whom all the features/functionalities will be available and an unlimited number external users. It is freely downloadable from the icon “Download CIFKM free“ from
Personalizacion 1In the basic standard version of CIFKM a single work environment has been created for all the users with five types of preconfigured “smartbox” templates and an equal number of predefined search-forms.

In addition to these, other different templates can be created to meet the company’s needs, defining in each, types of specific attributes and references to data in external databases, creating new user groups and modifying the types of “roles”.

These initial five kinds of SMART BOXES are as follows:

  • Smart Boxes for tasks and work matters. To be used to incorporate the information and files related to company matters. Its purpose is to record and control work matters, monitor them and consult the work performed.
  • Smart Boxes for document. Its purpose is to create and maintain a library of classified documents not related to specific matters of the company.
  • Smart Boxes for corporate contacts. Its purpose is to create and maintain a corporate registry of external contacts with the possibility to discriminate who is authorized to access each of them.
  • Smart Boxes for file client repositories. Its purpose is to create repositories of documents for employees or customers. It is designed for external users, such as employees who are normally outside the office (sales representatives, maintenance, …), or enterprise customers, who only need to consult either common files or those specific to each of them from a web-browser.
  • Smart Boxes for contact groups. It has been designed for sending emails to the members of the group and to combine customized documents in Word to be sent individually to contacts (clients,…)

(We recommend reading the “Getting started guide” for the installation)

(In addition to the “General view”, you have a User Guide available adapted to the version that is downloaded from this Web page and the Administrator´s Guide)

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