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Part C- Hours and expenses section of a “smartbox” of type “matter”

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The hours and expenses sections of a smart box are in PART C of the smartbox of type MATTER.

These 2 sections (hours and expenses) have been included in the “smartbox” of type “matter” because in many companies, such as those of professionals, it may be of interest to register and control in each matter, the time dedicated to it by the users and the expenses incurred in its execution, to thus monitor the client accounts, and if appropriate, invoice the services rendered.

In a smart box, one could include as many other sections related to the different types of expenses adding them in the corresponding “smart box” template. The CIFKM administrators may define other concepts that it may be in the company´s interest to control, and incorporate them to the element templates. They may access the configuration of types of additional concepts by means of the option “Administration/administration of types of concepts” of the floating icon menu.

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1.- Part C – Hours and expenses section of an element of type “matter”

In the hours section of the smart boxthe users may register the times devoted to it, and if they are invoicable or not to the client. In each registry, one may indicate the type of work done on, and the files associated to, the task involved.

Later, an authorized user may search and list the concepts filtered by the internal reference that figures in each smart box (for example, clients) or other parameters to control and/or carry out the appropriate procedure.

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2.- Hours and expenses search

In the floating icon menu of the standard version, we have included a default search template “search matter with hours and expenses” that creates the form in the figure to be able to locate the expenses with all sorts of filters. One may filter by client (internal reference and/or external reference), by user, by dates, by hours or expenses concept, etc. The results may be exported, to among other formats, Excel for their subsequent handling.

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