Groups of users

“User Groups” allow one to manage who can access each CIFKM “Smart Box” or search template, and with what permissions. None of these elements is visible or accessible to other unauthorized users.

Groups of users and their nesting

“User Groups” and their nesting

Users may be inserted into one or several “User Groups” with functional and organizational criteria. In the “Smart Boxes” and templates the authorized “User Groups” are inserted and the apropriate Roles are assigned to them (“Smart Box Roles”, “Template Roles”).

With the groups one manages to represent the company, both hierarchically and functionally. For example, groups may represent areas, committees and working groups, positions shown in the company´s organizational chart. A personal group is automatically assigned to any registered user of which he is the only member.

Position groups are created based on the company´s organizational chart (one for each position that is normally single-person). Each user (who already has a personal group of which he is the only member) who has been assigned a position in the organizational chart will be included in the group of users associated to this position in which he may be the only member. Later, the personal and position groups will be inserted in the functional groups such as areas of the company, work groups, committees, etc. as required.

"Smart box" content privacy

“Smart box” content privacy

A “User Group” may also have other “User Groups” as members (nested groups). In this case the members of the nested group will be considered members of the parent group, as if they were inserted in it individually.

The group structure described above is the base to assign access and permissions to each “User Group” over the “Smart Boxes”, over the “Smart Box templates”, and over the “search templates”. Moreover, with such a structure it is easy to reorganize since one just has to remove or replace personal Groups from their nesting in other Groups and in the organizational chart´s position Groups.

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