Greater number of users

Need for a greater number of users, training and/or assistance

  1. Purchasing more user licenses

The standard parametrizable CIFKM version is free up to 4 internal users, who will be able to use all the functionalities, and an unlimited number of external users who may only consult CIFKM elements by means of a “browser” or Web navigator.

If you require a greater number of internal users, you can purchase user licenses at any moment, one at a time or in a package. These licenses are added automatically to the 4 free initial ones or to the previous number of them. The purchase must be carried out at the CIF on-line store using the identifier of the account associated with the installed application. Thus, the new internal user licenses are assigned directly from the application.

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  1. Purchasing training and assistance time

If you need assistance and/or training, for example, to get the application up and running in the company, to guide you in the first steps, to learn to customize and design element and search templates, for maintenance and to solve problems, etc. you can purchase assistance/training remotely at the CIF on-line store.

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  1. Performing customizations after obtaining a quote

If you would like the CIF team to perform development work and/or customization, such as the special designs of templates including automatisms, specific behaviours, intelligence, creation of reports, etc. you must contact CIF by e-mail. The CIF staff will contact the appropriate person of your company to go over specifications, and work will be done upon acceptance of a quote.

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