Synchronization with Google Calendar

General description of the system and its operation

If one has an account with the Google Calendar service, one may synchronize the data of his calendar with the CIFKM calendar.

This CIFKM function facilitates the unification of calendars, so that one always has the same notices in both calendars, wich allows to administrate it from any mobile device (ipad, iphone, blackberry, android, etc..) wich may view and administrate Google Calendar.

From the moment this functionality is activated, each time one modifies or eliminates a notice in CIFKM, these changes will be passed on to the Google calendar.

Activation of the synchronization

For the synchronization to work, one will only have to enter his Google Calendar account data. If the data is correct, the pertinent information will be updated every 5 minutes.

One may access the configuration window from one´s “User window“, pressing on the button “Synchronization with google calendar”.

Configuration of the synchronization

Once in the configuration window one will have to enter the data corresponding to each box.

  • Customized calendar: Indicate the name of some customized calendar of Google Calendar. If you would prefer to leave this box blank, the calendar by default will be used for the synchronization.
  • Username: Enter the account associated to the calendar with which one would like synchronize.
  • Password: Enter the password of this account to carry out the synchronizations and retype it in the box below, to ensure that it has been properly entered.

If at any moment you would like to deactivate this functionality, press on the “Clear” button and then then the “Accept” button.

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