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The FILES section is in part C of the form of the CIFKM smartbox of type Document and MATTER.


Part C – Files section

In this section of a smart box one may incorporate FILES to it.

  • The files may have previously been incorporated in the smart boxTemplate in a fixed or open form, i.e., so that they are either modifiable or non-modifiable later in the smart boxcreated with the template.
  • The files may be incorporated and modified only be the users who are members of a group of users included in the “smartbox” and that have marked there, either the “total control” permission or the “modify” permission (“smart box” roles).
  • The “smart box” templates may incorporate scripting code that provide automatic behaviours. Thus, the rows to incorporate files in this section may also have been created depending on the values of certain attributes that the user may have entered in the smart boxwhen he created it. For example, the value of an attribute that determines the type of matter one is dealing with, which, in turn, may determine which files are to be incorporated, which may be a manual, or the template of a Word document to be filled out, etc. But these are considerations regarding the customizations of the application.

1.Download. Double-clicking on a file or from the context menu of the right mouse button one downloads and views the file.

2. View history of changes. Each time we substitute a file for another in the same row of this section of the “smartbox”, the former passes to the history of changes, where it may be viewed, downloaded and recovered. In the history we may have different versions of one file

3.Lock changes made by other users. If a user would like to modify the file, to prevent others from introducing modifications, he registers it in “CHECK-IN” and downloads it. Meanwhile, the remaining users, may download the original file, until the user unlocks the file, incorporating or not the modifications made at “CHECK OUT” (locked FILES)

4.Copy and Paste. CIFKM uses the DRAG AND DROPfunctionalities and the clipboard functionalities to COPY AND PASTEany file from the PC or between smart box .

  • COPY AND PASTE OR DRAG AND DROP. To end the copy and paste operation or drag and drop one has to save the smart box. The incorporation or substitution of files is not automatic.
  • MODIFY AND SAVE a downloaded file. The downloaded file remains linked to the row of thesmart boxfiles section from where it was downloaded. Thus, if we modify and save it, it will automatically substitute the original in thesmart box, and the original version will pass to the history of changes from where it will be visible and recuperable.
  • When “DRAG AND DROPPING” and “COPY and PASTING” over an existing file in a smart box“, the dialogue box appears to select the desired option, as follows:

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