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It is common, that after a contact has been created in CIFKM, the person or company registered as such a contact becomes a recurrent client and we would like to enter him in the system as an external user to associate a private (or shared) files repository for him where he may find his documentation.

Thus, such an external user may enter directly in his private repository by means of a Web-browser (navigator), or with the CIFKM mobile apps prepared by the Ipad and Androids, only having to register his/her name and password in the address of the Web site of our company.
Even though it can´t be done manually in each case, considering that it may be a common need in the companies, we have incorporated a “scripting code” that makes this process easier. Pressing on the button in the contact windows initiates an assisted procedure that is automated, obviating the need to retype the data that are already in the contact window, creating the private repository of files for the new external user, and allowing one to establish the permissions over said repository for whoever must manage or administrate its contents.

The assisted process does the following:

  • Creates a private repository for the external user
  • He will have immediate and direct access to the repository. To this end, he will have been assigned the permission (element role) to consult and download files from the repository.
  • Allows one to assign permissions to the internal users responsable for the client´s account, who will manage the contents of the repository.
  • The repository will be linked up with the contact from which it was created and the link will be visible from it to the users with permissions in the repository. The remaining users, without permissions in the repository, though they have access to the contact, will not see the link.

When one clicks on the “Create external user” button of the contact window, the following window will appear:


  • 1. and 3. Identification data that are imported from the contact window from which one has initiated the action.
  • 2. Name and password assigned initially to the new external user that may be modified later by the client. These data are sent to the email address that figures in section 1 of the identification.
  • 4. Indicates that the lower part refers to the files repository that will be created automatically, and over which the external user will have permissions.
  • 5. Three tabs that allow one to, respectively,
    (1) Give the external user permissions in other groups of users, for example, so that he may access general information shared by other external users.
    (2) Assign permissions to internal users or groups of users that will be in charge of managing the information in the repository.
    (3) Text of the message that will be sent to the new external user together with his access credentials
  • 6. Shows the content of the tab (2) above with the groups and roles assigned to each and every one of them (Total control, Write, Read).

One should point out that the external user licenses are free, so any company may offer this solution to its clients.


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