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Ceate a “Smart Box” in CIFKM

How are files added to the CIFKM “Smart Box”?

The wizard to publish files creating a new “Smart Box”

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() General view of CIFKM

() What are the CIFKM “Smart Box”?

() Types of “Smart Box” in the standard version

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() Templates available to each user

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  • The “Smart Boxare created from templates that are designed specifically for each type, that are available to the users, either individually or as members of groups of users.
  • To create a “Smart Box“, the user has to select the corresponding template. “Double-clicking” on it, the empty form of the corresponding “Smart Box” is opened.
  • The templates are an essential tool of CIFKM. They contain the design (lay-out) of the forms to be filled in to create theSmart Box“. Also, if necessary, they contain all the intelligence that the corresponding element must incorporate, since the template may also incorporate scripting code for automatic behaviours of the Smart Box“.

Create a “smartbox” in CIFKM

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The Smart Box are created with the corresponding templates which one accesses from:

(1) The floating icon menu, that, in its standard configuration, displays each of the types of initially preconfigured Smart Box(Documentation, Matter, Contact, Files repository, and Group of contacts). An empty form of the CIFKM element of the corresponding template is opened so that the following may be incorporated in it: attributes, permissions, files, links, etc. When one saves the form one will have created the new Smart Box, that may later be modified by those who have faculties to do so as a function of the permissions incorporated in the actual Smart Box.

(2) Double clicking on the icon of the smart box that is displayed in the user´s CIFKM desktop. An empty element form is also opened.

For a user to be able to view and use a “Smart Box”template, he must be in a group of users for example, group A of the figure, which, in turn, is included in the template with the role “Use” (role “Use”) marked in it.

Every Smart Box must be published in some group of users, for example, group B of the figure. For the user X to give access to the Smart Box he is creating to group B, he must include this group in the Smart Box. To do so, said user must have the role “Publishmarked in the user group B that is the destination of the publication, even though he is not a member of it.

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  • To upload one or several files or folders of the “PC” to the form of a Smart Box, empty or already created, the files or the folders may be COPIED and PASTED, or either DRAG and DROPPED. Thus, the files and, depending, the structures of folders, are uploaded to the Smart Box, but the operation will only end when one has SAVED the Smart Box with its save button.
  • Drag and dropping one or several files (or folders of files) from the “PC” over the floating icon. In this case, the “wizard to publish files” is opened, creating a new Smart Box (see below) where in the upper panel one may select the Smart Boxtemplate that one would like to use, and the files dragged are already preselected in the list of availables in the lower panel.
  • With the “Add new” button of the upper bar of My pending documents, which one accesses from the floating icon menu. In this case, the publishing wizard mentioned in the previous paragraph opens to select files and the template one would like to use.

How files are added to the forms (windows) of the “smartbox”.

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  • If one has the form of a Smart Boxin sight, either empty or already created, one may copy and paste or drag and drop files and folders, from the PC to the files section of the Smart Box and viceversa.
  • If one still has not selected any template, nor does one have any Smart Boxform in sight, and one would like to create a new Smart Box that incorporates files from the PC; one may drag and drop files or folders over the Floating icon. The files will then be uploaded toMy pending documents“. Once there, if the wizard has not been opened (there is a box for this), one shall select the button “create new element”, and the wizard mentioned above will open. Marking the box in the upper bar of the wizard (reference 3 of the figure below) this process is executed automatically by dragging files over the floating icon.

The process of creating a new Smart Box and uploading files ends only when the form of the Smart Box is saved using the button situated in the upper bar.

Unlike when one uploads a file by copying and pasting, when a file has been downloaded, modified and saved, then the replacement takes place without the need to save. The older version may be recovered in the “history” of the files section of the “smartbox”.

The wizard to publish files creating a new “Smart Box”.

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The wizard appears on the screen in the following cases:

  • With the button “Add new element” of the menu of the CIFKM desktop. In this case, a form without pre-selected files is opened.
  • Drag and dropping files or folders of files of the “PC” over the CIFKM floating icon. In this case, the files dragged are displayed in the lower panel of the wizard ans are pre-selected.
  • With the button “Create new element” of the upper bar of the My pending documentswindow of the floating icon menu.

The wizard consists of the following two parts:

  • The upper panel has two tabs. The one on the left displays the same icons (shortcuts) to the Smart Box templates of the user desktop, and on the one on the right, in list form, all the Smart Box templates that are available to the user, as a function of the permissions he has been assigned. In the initial installation, they both coincide.
  • The lower panel displays the files of the My pending documents” window, so that one may select the files that one would like to incorporate to the new Smart Box to be created. The last ones dragged over the floating icon are marked by default. More files may be added to this window by drag and dropping them over it.

Later, once the files of the lower panel have been selected, one double clicks on the Smart Box template selected in the upper panel.

One may also drag and drop files of the “PC” to the My pending documentsof the floating icon menu since they are then also displayed in the wizard.

Tab that displays the icons of the Smart Box” templates, that the administrator or actual user has included in the user´s CIFKM dektop. To open the Smart Boxform, one double-clicks on the corresponding icon, or one selects a template with a “click” and one then “clicks” on the “Create element” button.

  1. Tab that displays all the templates that are available to the user, whether or not they are incorporated in the CIFKM desktop. To open the form of the element, one selects the template and one “clicks” on the “Create element” button.
  1. Box to indicate that we would like the wizard to open every time we drag and drop files over the floating icon. Marking this option saves time when the procedure becomes a normal routine.
  2. Drop-down menu to indicate, when several files to be published have been selected, if all of them need to be included in one single Smart Box, or rather, on the contrary, we would like to create a different Smart Boxfor each file.
  3. My pending documents window to select them marking those that one would like to publish with the template that has been selected.

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