CIFKM facilitates monitoring and tracking activities

seguimientoMost organizations control the actions of their core business processes, but many weaknesses remain as far as the control and monitoring of many of the complementary actions that are also necessary for the development of business.

Teamwork should be coordinated, monitored and tracked by the appropriate parties. For this, CIFKM provides systems of notices, reminders and alerts, and dashboards to monitor the actions that are required, both of oneself and of others.

We’ll give you an example of a very common weakness. Many of the e-mails and documents that reach the company and that are not part of the main business processes require actions but these are not monitored. They are received by people in the organization and in many cases are forwarded to others who must deal with them.

One relies entirely on the professionalism and sense of responsibility of people who are going to manage their e-mail inboxes. Normally this is the case, but when there are transfers of people or someone simply leaves the company, a large part of his/her outstanding work can suffer because it is not monitored or simply because there are no reminders or alarms for delays.

On the contrary, once CIFKM is installed, an email that is received and that requires an action will have been associated to a CIFKM element with a small process that could be an automatic reminder to the appropriate person, for example, after a certain period of inactivity.

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