CIFKM facilitates location and retrieval of contents

chica con lupaThe business activity of companies is decentralized in multiple people. A common way of working is that each person stores what goes through his/her hands and is under his responsibility.

This way, one can´t ensure that the information is not lost when people change and that it is available to other people who should use it for work.

The provision is not well resolved by merely sending static information by e-mail to anyone one thinks may need it or only to those who ask for it. If a specific policy for information is not set, this tends to be stored compartmentalized in people without a sense of efficiency.

The company e-mails are a clear example of this compartmentalized way of saving the information. A person receives an e-mail, handles the corresponding procedures, responds and/or forwards it to others. On the same matter e-mails may have been crossed between several people. The information is then stored only in lists and personal folders of each of those who have received or sent these e-mails.

Finding later these e-mails, reconstructing their context to continue with the same matter or link it to another, or ensuring that those who might need the same information for their work are aware of their existence has a high cost, since the e-mails may not be available.

Sometimes no one knows what was the last thing that was disclosed or received, or which is the latest version of a document, or if a document has been approved by the appropriate parties. The situation worsens if, in addition, people change or are just on hollyday. All this means time and money.

In CIFKM information is distributed in “Smart Boxes“, available to those who may need it for work, and easy to locate and retrieve, and reconstruct its context. As a result, the work will be more comfortable and efficient, always resulting in savings of time and money for the company.

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