Administration of times and types of expenses

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() Hours and expenses section of the “Smart Box” of type “matter”

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In some companies, such as those of professionals, it may be of interest to register and control for each matter, the times dedicated by the users and the expenses incurred in their performance. For this reason, in the “smart box” of “matter” type, of the standard version, 2 sections have been included, one designed to register the times dedicated by each user and the other to register the expenses. Thus, one is able to control the accounts, for example, of clients and, if necessary also invoice the services rendered.

Apart from these concepts, the CIFKM administrators may define other concepts, whose control may be of interest to the company, and incorporate them to templates. One accesses the administration of the types of concepts by means of the option administration/administration of the types of concept of the floating icon menu.

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