Types of users

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  • Internal users are the regular collaborators of the company (usually employees) who have been assigned an internal user license. These users have access to the application server through a client program with all the features, as well as a Web-browser.

    The client program is installed in any workstation or laptop that will be used by an internal user. It uses Web services and thus allows one to access the application (Web server) from anywhere by Internet or through the local network, indifferently, with full functionality.

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  • External users (Web-browser only) have access from the Web page of the application by means of a Web-browser, and only to search for “Smart Box” contents, to view and download their files. These users are registered in the application and have been assigned an external user license (Web only). These licenses are offered free and unlimited in number.

    External user licenses are assigned to employees who primarily use tablets or smartphones only because their normal activity takes place outside the offices (sales representatives, maintenance,…) and to clients to whom we would like to make available personal documentation that they may access from a Web-browser by means of “Smart Boxes” of type file repository.The company’s Web page may provide the access.

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  • Anonymous users (public access). Any person who does not have an account in the application, and therefore, doesn´t have an external user license, may access the Web page with a Web-browser to consult and download the files for general public access.
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