Customized searches

The search forms are designed and configured in search templates by the administrators and are made available to groups of users. This way , each user group may only see the templates that have been prepared for him or that are shared with other groups. The remaining search templates do not exist for this group.

In the search templates one defines which data are to appear in the results, for example, words or expressions included in files, values of attributes, such as the telephone number or the email of a contact, etc. The search parameters may be combined with texts since CIFKM indexes all the text contents of the “Data Smart Boxes”.

Each user has at his disposal only the predefined search templates that have been asssigned to some user group of which he has managing roles assigned . He will access these templates from the CIFKM client program.

What do they solve?

The predefined search templates, since they are configured by the CIFKM administrator, may be customized.

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