Why is a document management system useful in companies?

At the PERSONAL LEVEL, normally when working with documents, these are stored on local disks of one´s PC or on a network server, using folders and subfolders as a classification system.

Recently, it has also become common for people to use as a supplement, the cloud storage facilities (cloud storage), which provide back-up and mobility (eg, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, etc …). In these systems, folders and subfolders are also used for classification purposes.

However, the company can not store or retain information generated over time by all its staff, ie thousands upon thousands of documents with only a system of folders and subfolders which many people can access and handle. Such a system is unmanageable. The folders will fill with old material that is never eliminated, will grow in number, and one will lose track of the files. This has frequently been a very negative experience.

"SMART BOXES" are for long-term storage, collaboration, and privacy

“SMART BOXES” are for long-term storage, collaboration, and privacy

Therefore at the CORPORATE LEVEL, the company needs to organize its “document management”. It requires a system that is supported on a database in which not only is all the text indexed, but where also one can monitor and register the context of each issue, so that one can retrieve with multiple types filters, including the temporary one, and where their privacy is ensured (so that only those authorized may access each issue, and only with the faculties and permissions that each one possesses over it).

The efficiency of any organization is achieved, only if each individual systematically uploads the result of his personal work in the form of documents or structured information as described above, ie, in the organization’s document management so that other users can utilize it in order to continue the tasks, control them, or simply have it available in the future.

While not exactly the same, our brain has a short-term memory in which soon is lost the track of memories, that in the context of an organization would be the work on a personal level. It also has a long term memory which records experiences and the knowledge of an individual for future use. All this in the context of an organization is supported by the document management system at the corporate level.

CIFKM is a document management system at the corporate level, as it covers all the needs of document management and workflow of a company of any type and size. It is configurable and customizable to the desired point to cover needs.


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