Purpose of the blog

This blog has two main purposes.

The first one is to provide basic knowledge of CIFKM to new users. We are aware that despite its use is really simple and straightforward, its concepts and philosophy shall be known in advance. Otherwise, it would be like to be in an unknown City without a map.

These concepts shown in the blog should be the first readings on CIFKM for new users.

The concepts and functionalities are explained straightforwardly avoiding details more suited to an instruction’s manual, in order to make them easy to understand as well as to broach comments and suggestions referred to the context of each entry.

The second one is to share comments (replies), opinions, discussions, suggestions, evaluations and any kind of feedback, including new entries, from users, as well as to know their needs.

We would like to get user’s off-the-cuff opinions to any entry as well as more pondered ones. Our aim is to create an open and lively community of users of CIFKM in order to share the comments, needs, etc. We like criticism which will be very useful for us to know and fix failures and guide future developments. We appreciate any kind of feedback and we commit ourselves to reply it.

We realize that our work is in a great measure guided by ideas and suggestions on CIFKM given to us by users. We want to share opinions for fixing failures and guiding future developments.

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