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The NOTIFICATIONS section is in Part C of the «smart box« form of type MATTER

Part C – NOTIFICATIONS section

The NOTIFICATIONS section of the «smart box« allows one to send programmed/scheduled NOTICES when certain events occur, or in their absence after a period of inactivity has elapsed, or periodic NOTICES, according to their configuration in the «smart box«.

The NOTIFICATIONS may be established:

  • In the template of a «smart box«, in closed or open form.
  • By a user who has faculties to do so (smartbox role) in the permissions that have been marked in the permissions section of the «smart box«.
  • Depending on the value of an attribute, when certain intelligence may have been incorporated in the template of the «smart box» by means of scripting code, for example, an attribute that determines the type of matter with which one is dealing and that establishes to whom one should send a notice that the «smart box« has been created.

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